A Perfect Planet

A Perfect Planet Review

by E. Stevens

Rating: 5 out of 5.

‘This series is one of Attenborough’s best so far.’

Director: Huw Cordey

Synopsis: David Attenborough explores the world’s oceans, volcanoes, wildlife and weather to discover what makes Earth the perfect planet.

Review: David Attenborough’s newest documentary series is perhaps one of his best yet. The series takes a deep dive into the world of the wildlife that roam our planet’s land, air and oceans. The stunning shots of the natural world combined with beautiful music and Attenborough’s iconic voiceover makes for an awe-inspiring documentary that everybody will fall in love with.

One of the best episodes by far was episode four: ‘Oceans’. The episode opens with dolphins hunting off the coast of South Africa, competing with gannets for food along a cold water current. From there, viewers are taken to the world-famous Galapagos Islands, where marine iguanas fight for nutrients with cormorants, eventually living up to their name and searching for food in the sea. The episode explores a huge range of creatures, from cuttlefish laying eggs on the ocean floor, to sharks seeking refuge in mangrove trees, to rockhopper penguin chicks feeding for the first time. Attenborough effortlessly describes each of these wonders of the natural world with his usual ease and a touch of humour to make the experience even more enjoyable for the viewer.

It is not just the world’s oceans that Attenborough explores in such intense detail. Each of the five episodes in his new series discusses a different aspect of the natural world, including the volcanic islands of the Indian Ocean, how animals such as gibbons have learned to adapt to uneven sunlight, and the extreme weather conditions in exotic regions of the planet. The final episode however is different; it leaves behind the natural world and instead delves into the effect humans are having on Earth. This contrasts dramatically with the beautiful, vibrant shots of nature in previous episodes, and is a harsh reminder to viewers of the possible future of the planet.

Every episode of A Perfect Planet blends so seamlessly together that the viewer feels that they are truly experiencing the exquisite scenes that Attenborough presents. This series is one of Attenborough’s best so far.

A Perfect Planet is currently available on BBC iPlayer and is suitable for all ages.

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