Citizen Kane

Citizen Kane: Classics Review

by 0. Spooner

***** 5 Stars

‘This film is great and should be strongly recommended as one of the best films ever made.’

Director: Orson Welles

Cast: Orson Welles, Joseph Cotton & Dorothy Comingore

Synopsis: After one of the biggest Newspaper tycoons dies, a group of reporters go to everyone he used to know to find out the meaning of his last word- ‘Rosebud.’

First off, why do the reporters need to know the meaning behind the famous last words – rosebud? The truth is that they think it will lead them to discover everything about his life. The story is very unique and I’ve never heard of any idea like this. It’s very good how the story is presented, in a series of flashbacks showing his life from a little kid to his dying moments, when he utters his final word. What is also great about this film is that the director stars in the film and co-writes the original screenplay. That is an incredible achievement. The whole film is very emotional as you go through the more unfortunate phases of his life but there are also some truly happy parts too that cover the more successful phases of his life.

There are some problems, as at first the film is quite slow but as the film goes on, it becomes more fast-paced. Some scenes feature eerie music and thunderous weather, which would usually be seen in a horror film but this film is not that. Speaking of which, one of the strangest things that happen during the film is when something appears on the screen and makes a loud noise – it can come as a bit of a shock! But even though there are these minor flaws, the film is still a very great film.

Overall, this film is great and should be strongly recommended as one of the best films ever made.

Citizen Kane is currently available on BBC iPlayer and was rated U by the BBFC.

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