The Wrong Missy

The Wrong Missy Review

by J. Dalgleish

*** 3 Stars

The Wrong Missy could be the weirdest thing I have watched this year.

Director: Tyler Spindel

Cast: David Spade, Lauren Lapkus

Synopsis: Disaster strikes when a man invites his dream girl to an island resort — but a previous blind date shows up instead.

The Wrong Missy could be the weirdest thing I have watched this year. Lauren Lapkus produced a few laughs from me but this film did not have a good structure to it and the story was pretty simple. A man meets a crazy girl on a blind date, falls in love with another woman and invites her on holiday. It turns out the two women have the same name and he takes the wrong Melissa on holiday and everyone is weirded out by this, but by the end he falls in love with the crazy Missy. It is not your classic romance movie but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I enjoyed watching it, but I feel that there could have been many things done to this film to make it a bit better. For instance, it was a relatively short movie and they did not give much time to give reasons why Tim actually fell in love with Missy.

I appreciate the Vanilla Ice cameo at the end, that was pleasing. Some scenes were very well shot and the place they went on holiday was a beautiful place to film. Some of the scenes that needed hard editing such as Missy’s fall scene and the shark scene were very well put together and that surprised me considering the pretty lacklustre story-line. The ending was satisfying enough as they just end up back together after weeks of her ignoring him as she saw texts between him and the other Melissa about how crazy she is before him falling in love with her. There is no issue with acting in this, every character arc is fine. There are no problems in that sense; it’s just the story-line annoyed me. If that was improved a little bit, I would’ve enjoyed this movie a little bit more than I did. I laughed quite a bit because the movie was very funny but that’s what they were aiming for I reckon.

The Wrong Missy is currently available on Netflix and was rated 15 by the BBFC.

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