The Big Show Show

The Big Show Show Review

by J. Ellmers

* 1 Star

“If you’re a WWE fan, I would not recommend ‘The Big Show Show’… Additionally, if you’re a sitcom fan, I would not recommend ‘The Big Show Show’”

Creators: Josh Bycel and Jason Berger.

Cast: Paul Wight (Big Show), Allison Munn, Reylynn Caster, Lily Brooks O’Briant & Juliet Donenfeld.

Synopsis: Former WWE wrestler the Big Show tackles the tough challenge of raising three daughters with his wife in Florida.

The phrase “expect the unexpected” is used quite often in our modern society. However, absolutely nothing could have prepared me for a sitcom about WWE wrestler  Big Show and his family. In fact, when I initially heard the title ‘The Big Show Show’, I assumed it would be a documentary about his life and career. The Big Show (real name Paul Wight) has an incredible arsenal of achievements under his (championship) belt. These include holding the WWE World Heavyweight Championship twice, both the United States and Intercontinental championships and even winning a 60 man Battle Royale back in 1993. In short, The Big Show is a very impressive guy, which makes this sitcom all the more ridiculous.

The premise of the show is Big Show’s (do i have to type this out every time?) eldest daughter Lola (Caster) from his first marriage, moving from Minnesota to live with him, his wife Cassy (Munn) and two daughters Mandy and JJ (O’Briant, Donenfeld) in Tampa, Florida. A plot such as this could have some potential, if not for the awful child acting that Netflix insists on churning out with each new series (the Stranger Things kids are possibly the only good examples). Each daughter embodies an American stereotype that has been used a million times, and a lot better too. Youngest daughter JJ is for some reason, another 7/8  year old child prodigy who has more wit than her entire family combined and is so unrealistic as a character it’s downright annoying. Mandy fills the overly dramatic pre-teen role and Lola is the moodiest high-schooler to walk the earth. Of course, I’m sure Wight’s children are not actually that insufferable in real life, instead these are perhaps some questionable choices on behalf of the producers.

If you’re a WWE fan, I would not recommend ‘The Big Show Show’, as the closest reference to WWE is a brief comparison of JJ and Mick Foley and a few Big Show posters dotted around the family home. Additionally, if you’re a sitcom fan, I would not recommend ‘The Big Show Show’, because the acting is substantially lacking, and I found the plot uncaptivating from the get-go. However, if you’re looking for cheap laughs and background noise then maybe ‘The Big Show Show’ can do exactly that.

The Big Show Show is currently available on Netflix and was rated U by the BBFC.

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