The Neverending Story

‘Classics’ Review: The Neverending Story

by O. Spooner (Year 8)

**** 4 Stars

‘There are some incredible things in the film, like all of the beautiful landscapes and incredible scenery.’

Director: Wolfgang Petersen

Actors: Noah Hathaway, Barret Oliver, Tami Stronach

Plot Synopsis: While hiding in a book shop from bullies, a young boy takes a book he has never read before and discovers the incredible world of Fantasia – a world full of incredible creatures and beautiful buildings. However, Fantasia is slowly dying...

First of all, what is Fantasia? Fantasia is a world full of a someone’s best fantasies and dreams and it’s dying because these dreams and fantasies are being forgotten. I question why this is happening? In my mind, it just doesn’t make logical sense that this would destroy the world. Anyway, lets get to some of the good things about the film.

There are some incredible things in the film, like all of the beautiful landscapes and incredible scenery. Whoever created the scenery had a really good imagination as they help make the film come to life. Also, the person who came up with all of the strange creatures must also have had really good imagination to create the incredible racing snails, the beautiful dragons (even though they look a bit like dogs) and the incredible rock eaters. Even though these are really good things, there are a few minor things that kind of let the film down.

One of the negative things is the beginning. After the opening credits (where a great song plays) the boy who gets bullied, wakes up from a dream. The problem with this is this scene is just way too long. It’s a scene of him just breathing heavily, which makes you think he had a nightmare (it’s later shown in the film, the dream is about his mum so it would make no sense that he seemed to have had a nightmare). After this scene the boy is downstairs. This scene is also way too long, half of the scene is taken up with the boy trying to open a jar and then finally the father of the boy speaks.

But even though there are some bad things, they are very small, and you can kind of let them slide as they are only small errors. But overall, I thoroughly recommend this film as a great fantasy film for any family.

The Neverending Story is currently available on Netflix and was rated U by the BBFC.

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