The Stranger

The Stranger Review

by J. Dalgleish

***** 5 Stars

‘I couldn’t not watch it in one sitting because I wanted to know what happened next every single time.’

Directors: Daniel O’Hara and Hannah Quinn
Starring: Richard Armitage, Siobhan Finneran and Anthony Head

Plot Synopsis: A dad of two (Adam) is approached at his son’s football game by a random stranger claiming that his wife is lying to him about her pregnancy. Once he confronts his wife, Corrine goes missing and Adam goes on a crazy adventure to find her. Meanwhile, a group of friends called Mike, Thomas and Daisy find a way to hide the fact that Mike had beheaded an Alpaca during a party! Many other stories such as the mysterious injury of Dante and the murder of Heidi Doyle are huge plot points throughout this series. Life-changing revelations are made, and many twists happen along the way.

I’m being completely honest – I absolutely loved this series and I cannot wait until another season of this is released. All of the characters’ emotions seem so genuine and so real that it feels like I’m immersed in that world. The camera work and cinematography are on another level and the use of lighting and sound is used so perfectly in this too. The most impressive thing was the mind-bending plot which absolutely blew me away! Unbelievable. Absolutely fantastically executed. Maybe there was one revelation which hugely disappointed me but as for the rest, I was 100% satisfied.

The revelations for the rest of them were both surprising and brilliantly played out. There were times in this where I genuinely caught shivers down my spine, and it excited me a lot watching this very intense and gritty show. From Katz, to Johanna, even to Adam’s sons, these were very well thought out characters and their story arcs are believable. But the titular ‘Stranger’ herself was fantastic and the fact that she doesn’t actually have a name (until it is revealed in the last few episodes) was a brilliant move, adding to the mysteriousness of her persona – she is emotionless and non-sympathetic towards other characters but that is what makes it so chilling and dark. Overall, the series was absolutely fantastic, enticing and intense. I couldn’t not watch it in one sitting because I wanted to know what happened next every single time. I really hope that there is a Season Two and other seasons after that. To be honest, if they can pull what they pulled off in the first season, it might become my favourite series ever.

The Stranger is currently available on Netflix and was rated 15 by the BBFC.

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